Valentine’s Day Special: The Art of Gifting

What do you associate the romantic holiday of Valentine’s Day with? A delicious chocolate that melts in the mouth? Luscious bouquet of flowers? A beautiful card with a love message? These are perhaps the kind of gifts most women would expect to receive from their loved ones on 14th of February. Wait! Take a closer look at your gift. There could be a lovely surprise tucked away inside the card envelope, hidden in a rosebud or concealed within the wrapper of your favourite chocolate that is bound to surpass all expectations…

 Photographer: Konstantin Suslov

Chocolate story jewellery descriptions: 1.Left hand: Harry Winston ruby and diamonds band ring. Right hand: Piaget Rose diamond ring 2. Harry Winston Draperie diamond bracelet 3. Harry Winston Draperie diamond bracelet and a diamonds and rubies ring //


Valentine’s card jewellery descriptions: 1. Left hand: Lily Cluster diamond bangles set in platinum by Harry Winston. Right hand: Jewellery Theatre diamond rings from the Nobility collection 2. BOGH-ART necklace with a 5 ct rose cut pink diamond, white diamonds and natural salt water pearls 3. BOGH-ART pink diamond necklace and Jewellery Theatre diamond rings // //


Roses’ story jewellery descriptions: 1. Left Hand: Piaget Limelight Watch with diamonds. Right hand: Lily Gabriella Collection II cuff in white gold with diamonds 2. and 3. Fabergé Devotion ring with 2.71 cts pear-shaped diamond // //


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