ANATOMY OF A JEWEL: a regal necklace by de Grisogono

 A very precious necklace from the 20 Years High Jewellery collection by de Grisogono was first presented to the public eye in April at Baselworld 2013. As soon as I turned my eyes upon this jewel I was captivated by its elegant beauty, high level of craftsmanship and the rich colour of emeralds complemented by dazzling white diamonds.

Fawaz Gruozi, the founder and the president of de Grisogono, always takes risks when it comes to implementing new ideas in jewellery-making. And this necklace is no exception.

The strings of gemstones are being blended in a bold new way: it is rare that diamonds are drilled through to be connected with each other by a simple gold hoop, especially if they are fine diamonds like these ones. However, the value of the stones did not stop Fawaz Gruozi from bringing his innovative idea to life and an incredibly precious piece of jewellery was born.

No wonder that this statement piece made many of us curious about the anatomy of this jewel…So here are the details.

The strings with the almond-shaped diamonds draping freely consist of 257 white diamonds with the total weight of 159.87 Cts. There are also 12 white diamonds disc of 1.65 Ct and 6 white diamond beads of 3.71 cts. The alluring 7 cabochon-cut emeralds weigh 64.86 cts and are complemented by 331 small round emeralds totalling 6.11cts. In addition to all these gemstones, there are 2188 white diamonds that come up to 43.82 cts. Amazing…

Perfectly crafted to be shown off at the Red Carpet, this one of a kind necklace looked stunning on Sharon Stone during the Cannes Film Festival.





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