April Birthstone: The Diamond Reigns Supreme

Happy diamond month to all our fellow jewellery lovers and aficionados! April is a particularly important month at Katerinaperez.com, not only because it is the birth month of our founder and Editor-in-Chief, but also because it is a precious time of year when diamonds are celebrated not only as a birthstone but also as a key gem in any fine and high jewellery collection.

Perhaps the most famous amongst gemstones, diamonds are the global symbol of love, eternity and commitment. Born under extreme conditions of heat and pressure deep beneath the earth’s mantle, a diamond that survives its creation process is practically unbreakable, with only a diamond able to cut another. This carbon-compact exquisite natural wonder is the strongest, hardest and most durable of all gemstones, making it the perfect sparkling accessory for everyday wear.

Leo Wittwer solitaire ring with a 6cts diamond

An individual interested in acquiring a diamond will often look for a “white” or “colourless” stone, but did you know that the most sought-after diamonds are in fact colourful? Referred to as “fancy colours”, diamonds graded with colours red, green, purple, orange, pink and blue are rarer than a flawless white diamond, with only one in ten thousand diamonds considered to have a fancy colour. The most prominent coloured diamonds in jewellery collections today are pink and blue. In fact, the world's most famous coloured diamond, nicknamed the “Hope Diamond” is a blue diamond weighing over 45 carats.

Marco Valente bracelets with D-E-F colour diamonds

Whether fancy coloured, slightly coloured or even colourless, diamonds are experiencing a awakening in how designers use them to embellish their fine and high jewellery creations. Yes, these gems are timeless and classic, however for many young jewellery consumers, the classic Solitaire piece just won’t suffice. Thanks to the work of modern jewellery designers the likes of Shaun Leane and his rose-thorn inspired diamond pavé pieces, Zoe Chicco’s statement diamond detailed bangles and Tasaki’s high jewellery firework diamond spray design, there are diamond-centric pieces out there to fit every fancy, mood and style.

B8 Jewels pave diamond rings

Our advice when it comes to wearing diamond jewellery? Invest in a piece you truly love. Whether it’s an art-deco style tennis bracelet or a more understated pair of drop earrings, make sure it’s a jewellery design you are completely taken with and see yourself wearing for years to come.

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