Avakian Caché rings With a Hidden Secret

Avakian cache ring

Cache ring with pave emeralds and a marquise-cut sapphire

When a designer is “conjuring up” his next creation, he isn’t always driven by his own sole vision of a piece, especially when he is making jewellery to order. This is what happened with Avakian’s latest collection, ‘Caché’.

Once, a client asked for a ring to be made which would look just as good on one’s finger as it would on a chain as a pendant. Little did he know that his request gave Avakian a wonderful idea which resulted in the development of a beautiful multicoloured jewellery collection.

Caché, which is the French for “hidden”, is a capsule collection that comprises five unique rings whose gold surfaces are completely covered in precious stones: sapphires, emeralds, rubies and diamonds (black, yellow and white), as well as pink sapphires. When I say “completely”, I mean on top, around and even on the inside of the band where the skin usually meets a smooth metal surface. Only someone who wears one of these pieces will understand the tender caress of the stones, “hidden” on the inside of the ring.

Avakian Cache ring


The master jewellers have had to contrive ways of securely fixing precious stones to the curved inside rim of a band which mean that the process of creating one piece takes about three months. Nevertheless, Avakian plans to fill this collection with a more delicate version which will appeal to younger fashion admirers or those who like jewellery which is more modest than having huge diamonds, sapphires, rubies or emeralds in gaudy pavé frames on show.

On meeting with me before the rings were sent off to a jewellery and watches exhibit in Doha, the company’s marketing director, Corinne Avakian, highlighted that these rings are fantastic from whichever angle you look at them. Corinne, I could not agree with you more!

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