Bayco to Showcase their Luscious Jewels in St.Petersburg

Gold Union, the official representative of a number of luxury jewellery brands, will present a spectacular selection of Bayco jewellery to the residents of St.Petersburg.

If you are a frequent visitor of my website, then the mention of Bayco most likely would have you dreaming about beautiful sapphires, ‘juicy’ rubies and charming emeralds. Indeed, the Hadjibay family, who started their gem and jewellery business a few generations ago, has an incredible amount of striking gems in their possession. I’m not talking about mediocre stones that can be found in ordinary jewellery stores. Bayco’s gems are fine examples of precious stones that can only be found one in a thousand.

From mid-October to mid-November, residents of the ‘Northern Capital’ as St.Petersburg is often called will have a chance to view (and buy) precious pieces by Bayco that will be showcased at Korloff boutique. The boutique is conveniently located in the city centre on St.Michael Street 4 (Mikhailovskaya St, 4) and a wide selection of Bayco jewellery will be on display there. So, I have decided to tease you a bit and do a preview of a number of fine pieces in this article.

LEFT: Ruby Necklace with 19 oval “pigeon’s blood” Burma rubies weighing 34 carats total and 41 carats of colorless diamonds; RIGHT: Ruby Ring with a 10 carat cushion Mozambique ruby flanked by epaulet diamonds with diamond mircopave on the shank

Which jewel takes your breath away? The Burmese ruby necklace that boasts gems of iconic ‘pigeon blood’ colour weighing 34cts – no more no less? Or is it the luxury set comprising a necklace, earrings and ring with diamonds and hand-carved emeralds? Perhaps you are most attracted  to the playful necklace with multi-coloured sapphires whose weight totals 134 cts? Surely, it is not an easy task to choose only one jewel when all the pieces exemplify such elegant style and a perfect investment. Incidentally, what you see here is only a small part of the whole selection.

At first glance, it may seem that Bayco jewellery is simply an unaffordable luxury. In fact, the Hadjibay family has taken care to cater to those with a preference for more modest ‘rocks.’ For example, the ‘Lotus’ earrings (see above) feature rubies, 4 cts each. They were mined in Thailand and not Burma like the rubies on the necklace I previously mentioned, so their price per carat would be three to four times lower. However, this does not mean the rubies on these earrings are of inferior quality. Their magnificent imperial red colour is striking, although it is not the same as the iconic ‘pigeon blood’ red colour.

To mark the occasion and to welcome guests from afar, Gold Union has arranged a very special evening reception. In honour of the Hadjibay family, the event will be hosted on the 15th of October at one of the palaces in St.Petersburg. The V.I.P. guests will be able to meet the owners of Bayco and buy the jewellery at a special price. If you wish to attend the event, please contact me by email

Bayco Carved Emerald Set set consisting of necklace, earrings, and ring made of mogul hand carved emeralds and rose-cut diamonds

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