Boutique Review: Boghossian Concession In Harrods

Harrods is considered the most exclusive department store in London: you can find products from practically every luxury brand in the world there. And what’s the embodiment of luxury itself, if not jewellery? In Harrods there’s not one, but three whole rooms given over to it. They’re arranged according to the type of jewellery – from fashionable pieces to the most exclusive brands. Amongst them in the Fine Jewellery Room, the Geneva company Boghossian known for its exquisite jewels and unconventional design has opened up a concession.

“It is very important for us to be present at Harrods, as it will tremendously increase our visibility and brand awareness. Being the best upmarket department store in the world, Harrods is at the forefront of showcasing the best and most innovative products as well as constantly exceeding customers’ expectations. We share the same values and are thrilled and honoured to partner with Harrods”, said Roberto Boghossian, the brand’s managing partner.

Boghossian Art of Inlay set in white gold with mother-of-pearl and diamonds

A few days ago I visited the store to take in the atmosphere of the newly restored Fine Jewellery Room. In its previous incarnation the brands had open stands arranged around the centre of the room, which you could approach from any side. Around the edges there were separate mini-boutiques. Now the middle of the room is separated from the rest by a set of display cases arranged in a large rectangle. The space behind the counters is used for VIP rooms for each of the concessions.

Boghossian’s corner is in an L-shape on the Brompton Road side of the room. The display cases, as in the rest of the room, are decorated with sinuous bronze reliefs and gold edging. But the vintage-style decor certainly doesn’t feel out-of-date at all – in fact it makes the minimalist interior of the room look even more striking. It’s worth mentioning that it’s not only the layout of the room that has changed – the lighting has too. Designed by an expert to give the impression of daylight, the effect brings to life the beauty and sparkle of the jewels on display.


“I believe we have selected the ideal jewellery collection to showcase in Harrods for its discerning clientele”, Roberto says. I don’t get the impression that selecting the jewels was any great challenge for Boghossian, since every one of his creations is a true work of art.

As he takes a pair of earrings out of the display case, he continues: “Take a look at this unique pair of diamond and emerald tulip earrings. They appear to sway in the breeze and reflect our passion for colour, contrast and asymmetrical design. To create these intricate earrings we used a rare tulip-shaped briolette diamond of almost 16 carats and one briolette emerald of 10 carats, which were set with pear-shaped and lozenge diamonds as well as emeralds”.


As I follow Roberto around the room, my attention is drawn to a ring with a 2.04 carat vivid yellow diamond and a faceted emerald stuck together in a ‘Kissing Diamonds’ design. It’s the term used when designers fix two precious stones one on top of the other, to create a voluminous piece of jewellery with two contrasting stones. I’ve always thought that the most interesting part of ‘Kissing diamonds’ designs is the stone that lies underneath, since for this range Boghossian choose unusually flat ‘portrait’ diamonds to go on the bottom – in this case an oval gem in a rose cut.

And the last piece which I simply couldn’t fail to mention is an ‘Art of Inlay’ set made from an 18.14 carat pear-cut diamond and a 130 carat pearl. The elegant necklace and earrings were made using the ‘stone-within-stone’ technique, in which a diamond is placed into the heart of the pearl. Pearl is, by its very nature, a soft material, so you can imagine how difficult it is to cut intricate motifs into it.

I could write about Boghossian’s pieces forever, but a picture paints a thousand words! If you’re in London, or plan to visit, then don’t forget to pop into Harrods.

Boghossian concession in Harrods

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