Bridal jewellery: The latest creations from luxury maisons

Engagement and bridal wear is a very important and commercially successful part of the fine jewellery industry. Traditionally, this is a more conservative design realm for brands, where new trends are occasionally and gently incorporated into more expected styles that potentially appeal to a wide variety of tastes. Whether classical or more innovative, here we take a look at the latest romantic creations for a bride to be from luxurious high jewellery brands.


We are all used to engagement rings being embellished with diamonds, however, the latest trend for colour encourages jewellery houses in the use of a variety gemstones, even in bridal jewellery. For example, Chaumet's latest additions to the new ‘Josephine Josephine - Chaumet au Firmament’ collection includes the ‘Soir de Fête’ cocktail rings with either spinel, blue sapphire, emerald, yellow diamond, and even rare padparadscha sapphire accented with intricate, baroque decoration on the shank. For the more traditionally inclined, there are the colourless versions, which are entirely diamond embellished, and feature a foliate shank supporting a statement centre stone. Bridal jewellery is Chaumet’s forté, and so the latest high jewellery collection also includes tiaras and diadems.

House of Garrard

House of Garrard also offer a selection of incredibly feminine and regal tiaras which are perfect to wear on your big day: the ‘Alice’, ‘Beatrice’ and ‘Charlotte’ are all diamond covered designs worthy of any royalty, while the most spectacular ‘Garland’ also benefits from a dappling of pearls alongside glittering diamonds. The more conventional set of bridal jewels - a ring, pendant and earrings - called ‘Harmony’ contain two diamond halos of varying sizes surrounding a large brilliant round central diamond.


For 2019, legendary New York maison Tiffany&Co. introduced ‘Tiffany True’ - a concise capsule collection of jewellery including a classic, simple engagement ring designs either in platinum with a colourless diamond, or in 18 karat yellow gold with a yellow diamond. For the colourless diamond version, ‘Tiffany True’ debuts an eponymous new fancy diamond cut which has been especially calculated to increase the surface area of the diamond’s table. Tiffany&Co. describe the ring design as “minimal, architecturally constructed and discreetly marked on the side with a ‘T.’” The ‘Tiffany True’ collection is an elevated version of the simple solitaire diamond ring which has become known as the epitome of engagement jewellery.


Boodles ‘Harmony’, ‘Kiss’, ‘Ashoka’ and ‘Vintage’ rings are all modern reinventions of traditional engagement and wedding rings; featuring halo settings, pavéd shanks and combining gemstones and diamonds, as well as mixed metals. These unconventional elements - such as kissing rings which nestle beside one another, shaped to ergonomically fit together - perfectly suit the modern bride.


The latest collection from Chanel is the ‘1.5’ which incorporates the camellia flower and toi et moi design into their unconventional diamond engagement rings, tapping into the current trends for asymmetrical jewellery and mixtures of diamond cuts. From 2018’s ‘Coromandel’ series, each of the ‘Evocation Florale’, ‘Fleur de Diamant’ and ‘Impression Florale’ rings feature exceptionally unique design characteristics; large central oval, brilliant round or emerald cut diamonds placed on a background of diamond pavé in a patterned floral ‘screen’. 

Harry Winston

Harry Winston’s ‘Bridal Couture’ collection, which I highlighted in the past, includes six exclusive designs inspired by the intricate lace patternings of bridal gowns. These concise selection of pieces mirrors the way in which haute couture designers only create a few pieces each season highlighting the very best in their design.

Delving into the world of the most beautiful engagement rings and bridal jewellery perfectly demonstrates the inventive and creative skill that the finest brands employ in pieces made to celebrate the mot special love in a woman's life. 

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