Portafortuna: Ilgiz Fazulzyanov's Talismanic New Jewellery Collection

Protection is what everyone in this world needs, especially considering the last two years. It was this notion that inspired the concept behind Ilgiz Fazulzyanov’s new collection, presented at the Ilgiz F jewellery art gallery in Moscow.

Ilgiz Fazulzyanov is a jeweller-artist who is known as the “king of enamel” in professional circles. More than 25 years ago, he mastered the technique of using this material, and since then enamel has become an integral part of his work. Pieces released under the Ilgiz F. brand are unusually expressive, bright and unique, and the full palette of colours that Ilgiz can recreate cannot be replicated by any other craftsman in the world right now! His creations are distinguished by rich imagery, profound meaning and sophisticated design - all components that can be found in his new Portafortuna collection.

The beautiful and melodic word ‘portafortuna’ means amulet or talisman in Italian, literally “something that brings good luck”. According to Ilgiz Fazulzyanov, every jewel in the Portafortuna collection is imbued with symbols and signs that have a special purpose for the wearer.

Ilgiz F. “Ondine” pendant from the Portafortuna collection with 9.75 carats of sapphires, 9.55 carats of quartz and black and colorless diamonds

“Since time immemorial, people have passed good luck charms from generation to generation. Talismans become family heirlooms that collect the energies and memories of all their keepers. I wanted to create not just a collection of jewellery art, but to invest something more in every piece, to help people to acquire extra energy through my work,” says Ilgiz Fazulzyanov of the new collection.

For example, the Elephants earrings made of gold, diamonds, aquamarines and rubies are designed to preserve family well-being, love and fidelity. Two cobras were the foundational design feature of another item: the Moonlit Night ring, crafted with a large moonstone, diamonds and vitreous enamel. The snakes symbolise both masculine and feminine tendencies, protection from external forces, wisdom and rebirth. And, for example, the Scarab Beetles earrings - made with the traditional Ilgiz technique of vitreous enamel - are a precious talisman that give the wearer the energy to create and change reality (for the Egyptians the scarab beetle is, to this day, the personification of Khepri, one of the most ancient gods of the Sun).

Ilgiz F. “Genesis” brooch from the Portafortuna collection with 13.4 carats of pearls and diamonds; "Verge" ring with 4.23 carats of opal; and a "Turtle" made of carved agate

Ilgiz continues: “The brooch Genesis in the context of today’s reality has acquired incredible relevance. Right now, more than ever before, the interconnection of our lives and our destinies is so keenly felt, so in this pendant, you see a kind of lace woven from human destinies.” He also remarks that he considers this piece to be an objet d’art that is the key to this collection.

The same theme is explored in the Provence ring: even in the face of restrictions and lockdowns, true beauty found a way of being realised in the unusual form of a ring in the shape of a castle. Incidentally, if we are talking about the difficulties of realising something, then the first place in that ‘category’ rightfully belongs to the Dolphins ring which has a topaz cut in two: from one half sea creatures emerge and dive into the other. Riding between the waves, together the two sides represent a happy median free from extremes.

The Portafortuna collection includes a total of 72 precious amulets

The Portafortuna collection includes a total of 72 precious amulets. Natural motifs are intertwined with the plots of legends and myths, reflecting the culture of different societies throughout the world: Ancient Egypt, India, China, and many others. There is something for everyone in this collection, and that something will not just be an exquisite piece of jewellery – it will also be a personal lucky charm.

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