Tournaire Teams Up With Focal To Create Jewelled Headphones

We don’t have long to wait until Christmas and New Year, so I can already start talking (and you dreaming!) about precious gifts. No doubt audiophiles will be delighted to discover that the French jewellery brand Tournaire and the acoustic loudspeakers company Focal have collaborated on something special this year – Utopia headphones, embellished with yellow gold and diamonds.

High-End-class model of Focal Utopia was first released this summer. However, its precious new version has gone on sale just recently, being released in the limited edition of eight pieces. Representative of Focal say that they started developing Utopia by Tournaire headphones even before the release of the standard model and the creation of this design took over a year to complete.

Take a look at the finish of these headphones and you will see how skilfully the jewellery brand intertwined its codes – a square, triangle and circle – in the design. These geometric figures have a special meaning – they symbolise the three stages of life: the past (square), the present (triangle) and the future (the circle). The decoration of the precious headphones is made by hand from start to finish by Tournaire craftsmen. These headphones are crafted in 18k yellow gold and adorned with six carats of diamonds.

Incidentally, if you have started dreaming about such a gift, you should expect the gift-giver to pay €100,000. And if you want a branded headphones stand, get ready to spend another €10,000.

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