Trend update: The jewels to put on and to put away for 2020

Trends are cyclical, coming and going season after season - which is why the savviest shoppers update their jewellery wardrobes regularly, but keep last year’s trend pieces in their jewellery box for their inevitable return to popularity. So which styles are the ones to store away, and which are the trends to shop now?

Store: tennis bracelets 

Shop: cuff bracelets 

Less isn’t always more when it comes to fine jewellery, and the trend for maximalism continues to rage on into 2020. So, its time to put away your delicate bracelets for now, and instead opt for statement-making cuffs. The bigger and bolder the better, as seen with Lily Gabriella’s astonishing Solar cuff from her collaboration with Sotheby’s diamonds. Boodles has created a cuff in an openwork frame for their Wonderland high jewellery collection, and Nikos Koulis defies categorisation with the cuff in his Feelings collection - with looping yellow gold forms and white gold and diamond intermittent accents.

Store: traditional drop earrings 

Shop: dramatic ear sculptures 

More complexity is possible in earring designs than in any other form of jewellery - jewellers can create earrings which can twist and turn in any direction. Named after this acrobatic concept are Fernando Jorge’s Contortionist earrings from his Aerial collection, where a curved, jointed frame of yellow gold with intermittent diamond highlights can be manipulated to sit in a huge variety of ways. Messika’s Desert Bloom ear cuff features pear cut diamonds which curve around the ear, emerging around the lobe and the top of the ear from behind, held in place by a hidden white gold frame. Finally, Palmiero is another famous fan of the new fine jewellery ear sculpture trend, designing diamond and pink sapphire earrings which seem to defy the laws of gravity.

Store: layered fine necklaces 

Shop: substantial gold chains 

While wearing layers of fine necklaces at once has been a long-running trend, now chunky gold chains, which make a more powerful statement, are at the forefront of fashion. With link sizes and a hefty gold weight that demand attention and signal status in a subtle way, sizable necklaces hint to a modernist type of luxury with a punky edge. Find 2020 worthy thick gold chains in Pomellato’s Tango collection, (available embellished with diamonds or without), at Pragnell, and via Bulgari’s Cinemagia collection in a megawatt, gemstone covered medallion sautoir version.

Store: palm jewels 

Shop: statement cocktail rings 

Hand jewellery had a distinct moment for a few seasons, where many designers experimented with palm bracelets and extreme jewels that covered the entire hand. Classic cocktail rings are now back on top, appealing for their convenience and ease of wear. Popping a cocktail ring on can change an entire look in an instant! David Webb are known for their voluminous rings in extraordinary colour combinations, Cartier included a show-stopping lapis lazuli, diamond and yellow sapphire gobstopper-style ring in their Magnitude collection. It’s not just size that matters in this trend though - extraordinary gemstones are making their mark too. Neha Dani’s Shristi collection Yuvarna ring showcases a powerful and unusual baroque fire opal, which is accented by vivid yellow and blue sapphires in an organic shaped yellow gold frame.

Store: classic solitaire diamond rings 

 Shop: coloured gemstone and unconventional design rings

Exciting, unexpected details are the order of the day in both engagement rings, and rings in general. Coloured gemstone-led designs with extra flourish create a brighter, more youthful and trendy look, with the opportunity to wear them as engagement rings or as a token of love and can be a great way to celebrate any occasion at all - birthdays, anniversaries or even promotions. Louis Vuitton’s Riders of the Knight emerald and diamond white and yellow gold ring is a subtle version of the trend, Melis Goral's rings with yellow topaz or aquamarine and emeralds, onyx, malachite and diamond accents are an even more unusual take, and Sarah Ho’s Candy Stripe champagne diamond solitaire ring with a rose gold and baby pink enamel decorated shank is truly unique!

No matter what the season, no jewellery is ever truly out of style. However, if you do want to keep on top of trends, consider a few of these updates so that your look remains in vogue.

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