Baselworld 2017: Stenzhorn to Bring Fairytale Jewellery to Exhibition

At last year’s Baselworld exhibitions there were not many jewellers whose pieces made a lasting impression. But among those who presented something striking to the public was the German company Stenzhorn with The Noble Ones collection.

The Noble Ones consisted of three High Jewellery necklaces with a central motif in the form of a flower, each dedicated to the time of year in Chinese culture. The success of the four jewels can be attributed to the combination of different factors: the exquisite design, the virtuosity of the invisible setting technique and the impeccable quality of each piece. I’m sure that many are already keen to know what Stenzhorn will surprise us with this year – so I’m going to give you an exclusive preview of two new lines.

The Noble Ones collection by Stenzhorn

The jewelled creations of Stenzhorn are characterised by pure aesthetics – and you simply cannot rebut this. However, another strength of the jewellery company is its technological achievements, well beyond the reach of some. Klaus Stenzhorn, founder of the jewellery brand, has always experimented with jewellery making techniques and has tried to bend the boundaries of design with an unusual method of setting gemstones. For example, in some items where the mystery setting is used, sapphires, rubies or emeralds create the illusion of a sparkling blanket. They are so tightly fixed side by side with hidden claws that the metal between them just vanishes. Klaus felt that it was time to present a new method of embellishing a jewel with gems, and created this collection called Muse.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking, when admiring large diamonds, that you’d like to own something of the like? If so, with the advent of new technologies this has become possible – all without the heft price tag. In the new Stenzhorn collection, modestly sized diamonds in various shapes are positioned in a way that makes them look like one large asscher or emerald-cut stone. The jewelled mosaic is built around a central diamond, the largest in the composition although its size can vary. As a result, the effect of a single diamond weighing between one and five carats is created, meaning Stenzhorn customers can pamper themselves both with more everyday jewels and also with more dazzling pieces. In fact, this technique is not used just for jewellery with diamonds, some coloured stones can also be stacked to create this kind of spectacular effect.

And now let’s move on from high technologies and dream a little, because the jewels from the new High Jewellery collections Snow White and Red Rose are the jewelled embodiments of a fairy tale with happy ending. The two necklaces, as the name implies, were inspired by the eponymous tale by the Brothers Grimm, a story which tells the tale of two sisters, a brunette called Snow White and a blonde called Red Rose. The first is cheerful and lively, she enjoys spending time in the open air, and the necklace with a lush rose blossom is dedicated to her. The second is modest and meek, so Klaus Stenzhorn embodies her character in a closed white bud. The flower itself and every millimeter of the base of the necklace is in the form of rose stem covered in diamonds of varying shapes. They are pavé set on white gold or invisibly set on rose petals.

“Rose Red was lively and cheerful, so we used the invisible setting to create her luscious rose. For us this jewellery technique is always the best way to exalt the beauty and the natural movement of flowers,” says Klaus Stenzhorn. The pieces described above and a few other new collections can be seen at the exhibition in Basel in the Stenzhorn salon – Hall 2.1 Salon D01.

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