Prescription Jewels: Protective Pieces that Promote Health and Happiness

Jewellery has always been closely related to talismans. It is a decorative way of bringing you and your loved ones luck, prosperity, good health and safety. Jewellery has also been used for centuries to promote connections, especially among families. Below is a selection of pieces that are beautiful ways to promote wealth, health and happiness.

People often find comfort in physical objects. Whether it's the blanket from your childhood or that lucky t-shirt you wore on a happy occasion; mankind has always attributed positive forces and magical powers to inanimate objects. True or not, it is a beautiful way to find comfort and safety in an ever-stressful world.

Model wearing Annoushka charm necklace and bracelet

Very often, jewellery has been connected with positive forces. Ancient civilisations would adorn their garments in various coloured gemstones to protect themselves from unwanted spirits or to optimise positive energies around them. Today we can see similar tendencies as people search for 'protective' jewellery pieces in the form of birthstones and crystals. If you are looking to add a magical piece to your jewellery box, below are three kinds of 'protective' jewels that are just what the doctor ordered.

Mantra Jewels


"I wish", "I hope", and "I pray" are the beginnings of sentences we have all said, whether privately to ourselves or publicly, when we are looking to attain something that we desire. Many people find that meditation and manifestation are helpful ways of staying focused on their goals and ambitions. Jewels featuring mantras, which are sayings you repeat to yourself to calm and refocus your mind, are becoming increasingly popular amongst jewellery designers.

Marie Lichtenberg gold, enamel and coloured gemstone necklace

Brent Neal's "This too shall pass" signet ring in gold, turquoise and various sapphire hues is a whimsical way of remembering that the harshest of times are always temporary. Milamore's gold and diamond band has the word "Manifest" hidden on the inside of the ring as a personal reminder to the wearer to visualise the goal they wish to accomplish. Other brands we recommend for similar pieces are Foundrae, DYNE, Marie Lichtenberg and Venyx, whose pieces can be personalised with symbols and mantras that contain unique meanings to the wearer.

Healing Gemstones

As previously mentioned, the healing powers attributed to gems and crystals have been spoken of since biblical times. For example, amethysts are said to grant clarity, aquamarine improves balance, and tiger's eye promotes confidence. Many fine jewellery brands include precious and semi-precious gemstones in their designs to add this holistic aspect to their pieces. A perfect example of this is the Mushroom collection by Penelope Fine Jewelry. Each piece is created from Agate, then carved in relief with a mushroom cameo. Together, the gem and image symbolise good health, fertility and self-transformation. The designer created this series with the hopes of inspiring and helping her clients.

Similarly, Lily Gabriela's Modern Talisman collection contains protective amulets of carved gemstones. Referencing Lily's Jewish Lebanese heritage, where traditional talismanic jewels are considered protective, these pieces are made of colourful hand-carved semi-precious gems to bring wearers calm and serenity.

Lily Gabriela Evil Eye bracelets in gold, lapis lazuli, turquoise and jade

Happy Jewels

Some jewels are simply created to bring a smile to our faces. Van Robot's adorably beautiful Gembots are a fun way of wearing a daily reminder to keep your spirit free and joyful. Solange Azagury-Partridge's Ruby Heart ring is a refreshing take on a passionate burning heart, and Annoushka Fine Jewellery's Smiley Face Hoopla pendant has ruby-red heart eyes that are bursting with love and admiration. These pieces prove the point that sometimes the wearer is the person that prescribes the meaning of the piece and finds their own connection to it.

Whether it's a birthstone, healing gem or powerful message, jewellery is a great way of providing yourself with a little self-reminder of what you want to achieve or change. We hope you find something special in each of the designs below.

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