Faidee to hold its inaugural exhibition of Burmese rubies

For the first time in jewellery history an exhibition of Burmese rubies will take place in Monaco from 1-21 August. These stones have already exceeded diamonds in their value and are greatly sought after by collectors worldwide. Within the event’s framework, High Jewellery art from Faidee’s private collection will be exhibited, meaning jewels from the only company specialising in natural rubies mined from the Mogok valley will be presented.

Several dozen pieces, including luscious necklaces, cocktail and traditional rings, drop earrings and studs, as well as several different kinds of bracelet will be presented in the salon of the Hermitage hotel. I can say with confidence that you won’t ever have seen so many pieces with high-quality ‘pigeon blood’ rubies gathered together under one roof. Even the world’s jewellery giants are unable to find so many premium quality red corundums to enrich their High Jewellery collections.

The Lunia family who founded Faidee in the early 1900s has collected stones for its pieces over four generations. It all began with Roop Chand Lunia, a gem dealer in possession of expert knowledge who gained fame for his ability to choose the best stones. He was rightly proclaimed the “King of Burmese Rubies” because he owned one of the most extension collections of red gems from a group of corundums. Thanks to Faidee’s rich heritage and its unquenchable desire to continue this ancestral line, the Lunia family now possess the most extensive and unique collection of rubies from Burma.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to appreciate the beauty of the rare gem, because they will be lucky enough to see an abundances of pieces will rubies. The stones that embellish precious creations come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For example, a ring in the form of a blossoming flower adorned with a 6.03-carat ruby faceted in the form of an oval. The top of the ring with a snake motif is embellished with a 12.78-carat cabochon ruby, and the earrings with geometric patterning are decorated with cushion-cut rubies. One of the pieces with a statement design is a bracelet arranged in three rows that has diamonds alternating with “sugar loaf” red corundums. The most audacious piece in the collection is perhaps a ring with portrait-cut rubies fashioned in an abstract form and put together in a bouquet of stones.

For the opening ceremony of the exhibition, organisers Stardust Monte Carlo and Faidee have invited celebrated fashion designer Ulyana Sergeenko. After the successful catwalk of her new autumn-winter 2017/18 Couture collection in Paris, she will present her latest models alongside Faidee jewellery to VIP guests in Monaco.

Ulyana Sergeenko is a real connoisseur of luxury goods and a big fan of rubies, and she has already been spotted wearing Faidee jewellery in Paris several times. Moreover, Ulyana Sergeenko’s show in the French capital featured Burmese rubies shining on the ears and wrists of supermodel Natalia Vodianova and on the neck of actress Renata Litvinova.

Of course, the first ever exhibition of rubies cannot do without a show-stopping jewel that will take people’s breath away. I have long wondered what it will be, because in the last year Faidee has not ceased to amaze with its new pieces - each one seems to be even better than the one before. I will reveal to you the secret, most precious creation that will be on show: the Imperial Necklace - a piece kept by the Lunia family for an exceptionally special occasion.

“The Imperial Necklace” consists of exceptional natural rubies and high quality diamonds matched by size and arranged in a mosaic pattern. More than 50 “pigeon blood” stones are united in this jewel, with 8 of them exceeding 5 carats each. This attributes them to a special unsurpassable category of super gems. Diamonds that complement the rubies in the necklace all belong to the highest colour category D, have IF or FL clarity, and weigh in the region of 100 carats. Is it a wonder that the value of such unique creation will reach unimaginable heights?

Skipping this first-of-its-kind exhibition of jewellery with rubies would be unforgivable if you consider yourself to be a true treasure collector, a true connoisseur of Jewellery Art or if you simply want to see first hand the incredible Faidee collection.

Faidee Jewellery at Ulyana Sergeenko Fall/Winter 2017 Catwalk in Paris

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