Haute Jewels Geneva: An exclusive new private fine jewellery exhibition

Geneva is proving itself the place to be for fine jewellery lovers looking to discover exquisite pieces at the very start of the year. A brand new exhibition from a cohort of like-minded brands further cements this idea: YOKO London, Roberto Coin, Crivelli and Sutra will showcase their masterpieces at the Grand Hotel Kempinski in Geneva between the 13th and 17th of January.

Why this collection of jewellers? Michael Hakimian, CEO of  YOKO London enucleated: “All of the brands participating in the show have known one another for many years, and enjoy a mutual respect. We believe that each brand represents the best in the market in its own category, and together we offer a unique exhibition experience, which will be attractive to buyers in Geneva.” Let’s take a more detailed look at the style of jewellery which each of these unique jewellery brands will be showcasing…

YOKO London

YOKO London is one of the world’s most prominent, exciting and respected luxury pearl jewellers. Their creations run the gambit of jewellery design; from opulent haute joaillerie pieces featuring the world’s largest and rarest pearls, to contemporary everyday jewellery with this sea mineral created for the modern woman - but always with a focus on emphasising the natural beauty of pearls. Being a family- run company with 45 years of heritage, Yoko has built strong relationships with 13 different pearl farms around the globe. This is how they achieve the feat of sourcing and selecting the finest and most unusual pearls in the market, particularly focusing on rare colours and exceptionally sized pearls. “Haute Jewels Geneva offers us an additional opportunity to present our collections to customers who are in Geneva at the time, in an intimate, relaxed and luxurious environment” says Michael Hakimian.

Roberto Coin

In 1996, Roberto Coin’s first collection - ‘Appassionata’ was released, introducing the world to his Italian crafted fine jewellery interpretations of myriad global cultural and artistic influences. The ancient traditions of creating precious adornment are still upheld in Roberto Coin’s workshop, allowing the workshops to produce five finely tuned, complete jewellery collections every year - hoping to produce a spectrum of jewellery to satisfy a broad scope of tastes and lifestyles.


Another Italian brand that will be participating in Haute Jewels Geneva - Crivelli - distinguishes itself on the ability to guarantee a fineness of execution, attention to detail and commitment to quality within their fine jewellery. Founded in the 1970s, Bruno Crivelli decided to create jewels using the wisdom of master craftsmen, and upholds this ethos to this day. Crivelli’s signature is a harmony of volume and texture, marrying gemstones in measured abundance with elegantly polished fine metals.


Sutra was established in 2008 by husband and wife team Arpita and Divyanshu Navlakha, after both graduating from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America. The couple’s education and love of gemstones manifests itself in the dedication to volume and vivid colour in the jewellery designs. Often mixing a variety of precious and semi-precious stones; their statement rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces are not for those who are looking for jewellery that blends in. With a particular fondness for rose cut gems, each piece evokes architectural elegance and demands a second, and often third look!

I welcome this new style of niche exhibition which selects the best jewellery from a group of likeminded international brands. Each which will display 10 showcases with curated selection of their finest pieces from new and permanent collections. The industry can only benefit from any occasion which bring jewellers - and those who purchase jewellery - closer.

Haute Jewels Geneva will take place from 13th – 16th January 2019, 2pm – 10pm and 17th January, 9am – 1pm, at the Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva

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