Trunk show: 6 designers exhibit in St. Petersburg with Gold Union

Next week I will be visiting my hometown of Saint Petersburg to host the second Trunk Show with jewellery maison Gold Union. Six designers from all over the world will present their jewellery for the first time from 10th October until 10th November, and for the first two days of the exhibition and sales, the designers will be there in person.

The idea to curate the event first struck me last year, when I met the General Director of Gold Union. We were united in our desire to showcase the multi-faceted art of jewellery to the uninitiated people of Saint Petersburg. So - as I did for the first trunk show - I chose a variety of diverse brands that are each unique in their own way for this, the second edition.

Gold Union trunk show in Saint Petersburg


The brand’s motto reads: “The World is a Mosaic”. This is one of a few companies in Italy, let alone the whole world, that creates micro-mosaic art of the highest level. Since 1987, SICIS has studied the art of mosaics – including the different techniques and methods of production - and has also developed the tricks of the trade, whilst always finding new ways to apply them. The company’s jewellery and watches are characterised by their complex mosaic designs, diamonds and gemstones. Creating each intricate masterpiece takes SICIS several months!

Maison Tabbah

Founded in 1862, one of the oldest jewellery houses in the world is now being managed by Nagib Tabbah, a fifth generation member of the founder’s family. The craftsmen at Maison Tabbah - of which there are roughly 110 working for the company - are not afraid of difficult challenges, and revel in the time that it takes to make jewellery masterpieces. Guided by design, the stonecutters often give gemstones a new, and to a great extent – superior - form. In 1997, Tabbah’s pieces were sold at Christie’s, after which the auction house’s chairman François Curiel wrote: “The jewellery Tabbah creates is a dream come true for any collector”.

Nadine Aysoy

Born in Antwerp - the diamond capital of the world - Nadine Aysoy has been surrounded by the gleam of precious stones since she was a child. Her grandfather was a diamond salesman, and she would often go to his office to examine diamond treasures with him; their beauty gradually bewitched her. Nadine made a successful career for herself in wold of investment - working in banks in both Switzerland and New York after studying finance - but in January 2017 she released her own line of jewellery that was playful, risky, graceful and explicitly feminine: Nadine Aysoy Jewellery.


The history of the jewellery maison, dedicated to celebrating life and love, began in 2013. The name comes from a Greek verb meaning ‘to glorify’. AENEA offers creations that are designed both to delight high jewellery experts, and to attract novices to enter into this world; introducing them to the enduring joys of magnificent jewels with rare value and magnetism. AENEA’s creative output has a global appeal, and although it is inspired by a modern ideology, its roots go back to the culture of Salzburg; the centuries-old crossroads where German and Italian artistic influences converge.

Satta Matturi

After working at De Beers for more than 10 years, Satta not only gained knowledge about diamonds, but also fell in love with them! Satta’s passion for gemstones led to her desire a more interactive relationship with them, and the British West African designer has combined her African heritage and its deeply rooted traditions with a global view of trends, and is inspired by jewellery lovers’ relationships with adornment. The result is a high-quality jewellery brand that speaks to the tastes of independent women throughout the world.

Aisha Baker

Aisha Baker is a new jewellery brand based in Dubai. Aisha is a collector of jewellery, appreciates its potential as art; and Hoonik Chang - a trained jewellery designer and graduate of the prestigious Central Saint Martins art school - began to work together in 2017. In 2018, they presented their first fairy tale collection ‘Mirror Mirror’. The young designer’s imagination has given birth to the most extraordinary design ideas, which have been brought to life through his collaborative process with Aisha. Thanks to this – and her refined taste and understanding of jewellery - Aisha has managed to achieve the ideal balance in her jewellery between flights of fancy and practicality. Working in tandem, the two young impresarios are aiming to make works of art which are personal treasures, pieces that can be worn as reminders that life is full of mystery.

For those who are prepared to explore numerous styles of fine jewellery, I invite you to attend our VIP evening on 11 October in Saint Petersburg which will include a lecture on ‘Getting to know jewellery masterpieces and their creators’. I will talk about 10 of the rarest and most incredible pieces of jewellery that I have enjoyed seeing over the past 5 years, and also about the innovative techniques and materials used in modern jewellery design. Entry is strictly limited to those who send a written request in advance to

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