Ringo "Moon Blossom" Necklace – The Star of "JUNWEX-MOSCOW" Exhibition

All day long sleep the night flowers, But only the sun will go down behind the grove, Silently are the leaves revealed, And now I hear my heart flower. A. Fet

What is important when creating unique pieces of jewellery: impeccable quality or unique design? If you do not accept a compromise when it comes to the this issue, and if both answers are of equal importance to you, then it is about time to get acquainted with the jewellery holding company RINGO and its latest masterpiece, the necklace “Moon Blossom”. This incredible piece was first presented to the public at the “JUNWEX-MOSCOW” exhibition, being held in the capital from 28 September to 2 October. There was a presentation at the RINGO stand yesterday, during which all present were given the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the collar necklace. In the 20 years of its existence, RINGO has become widely known by connoisseurs of exclusive jewellery across Europe and Asia. RINGO has actively contributed to a broad and international understanding of both style and a modern stance on the world, changing ideas about jewellery design and the dramatically expanding horizons where taste in jewellery is concerned.

The brand’s creative team respects past achievements in these areas and at the same time casts its gaze towards the future, especially where the new generation of jewellery connoisseurs is concerned. Therefore, the brand is boldly experimental in its artistic and technological investigations, always ready to make progressive change happen. Its aim is not to follow fashion so much as to create it – and I think this maxim best suits RINGO ethos as a brand. On the whole, the brand’s design combines features of a national discourse about artistic traditions with the international language of contemporary jewellery. The “Moon Blossom” necklace combines all of the above. “In this necklace, I would like to convey the wonderful state of mind that settles with the night. A state of heightened sensuality. Night is a time of revelations and romantic acts, a time when the colour of paint deepens, when the shine of diamonds brightens. And the woman draped in twinkling jewellery and a luxurious dress is charmingly effervescent, like a night flower,” recalls Anna Vagonova, the Head of Design at RINGO. 

The inspiration for the high jewellery necklace washed over Anna quite unexpectedly. When in the south, she found herself unable to sleep one hot night. Bewitched by the glow of the moon and wrapped in the scent of flowers, she remembered a poem by Fet: “I shall not tell you a thing…” Reading the poem online, the designer began to imagine the incredible lunar necklace, which became more and more clear in her mind’s eye. Pencil in hand, she began making sketches to capture her night vision, transferring as closely as possible the picture in her mind to pen and paper. “In the morning, I frantically picked up the materials, sketched swirls. The Moon Blossom necklace would not let me go, and I waited for night again to see her once more amid the silence, once more to be plunged into this state of heightened sensuality,” says Anna.

From the wispy sketch of the necklace to its solid stones, a half a year of hard work passed. The creation of this wonderful piece of jewellery is the culmination of a huge team’s efforts: designers, fashion designers, expert craftsmen and gemmologists – and all of them ought to be considered as co-authors, as each of them invested a piece of their soul in the work. The stems of which gold intricately twist and bend, as if dancing, in obedience to the magic of night. They are like raging waves that reflect the moonlight and shimmer with the overflowing shades of the rosy-violet rubies, rubellites and tiny pearls. 

To enhance the captivating shine of the items, Anna adorns them with 2167 diamonds weighing 25.88 carats. Creating this spectacular necklace also required the finest stones and minerals, among which there are 195 pearls with a total weight of 155.69 carats, 25 rubellites weighing in at 35.54 carats, 1323 rubies coming to 15.52 carats and 44 sapphires that weigh a total of 6.57 carats. In the opening poem, Fet’s heart blossomed at nightfall, and mine melted at the sight of this masterpiece of jewelled art, created by RINGO.

The necklace “Moon Blossom” by RINGO

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